Pull many drawers or Push them on a Desk

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A Physician Order Entry System is in the Same Design Structure as a Kitchen.  

A physician order entry system (POES)  is complicated.  It is just like a kitchen, there are a lot of drawers and closet. You must draw many drawers and open some closet to have your cookware, seasoning, and foods. Then you can process your work smoothly.

Many people have the same experience. They might forget something that they put them in which drawers. They should try to pull some drawers in order to find them. The Same situation can happen while physician operating an unfriendly and inhuman computer system. A physician they need open a lot of toolbars and seek many option buttons to find the medications and choose the right examination and test, such as whole blood, x-ray or sonography. However, a physician order entry system is really like a kitchen. You can not cook a meal in a novel kitchen and can do nothing in an unfamiliar POES.

If somebody is very intimate, they prepare some foods, eggs and flying pan on a desk. Around them, all seasonings are prepared. You could only cook them and have your meal. That is fine and sweet. A physician can also have the same feeling while they can make a diagnosis, then all concerned will quickly be pushed to a desk. They do not need to do a lot of work to search that they want, however, the medications and tests. It can facility their clinical work and help them to make good management and treatment. Truly, a simple tactics will help a physician to save a lot of time and improve the patients’ satisfaction. They can cease to complain that their physician sees a monitor more than them.  

There is few system is designed by a physician. Nevertheless, the engineering does not understand what a physician needs. Almost POES are designed as a kitchen. There are lots of choice button and many toolbars. A tree-based structure is deployed for physicians to find their option layer by layer, till they find it. A physician just like a cook should pull many drawers to find their options.  Is there any way that physician can have their needs quicker. Yes, it is why a system does not bring all the options on a desk that are concerned with the disease diagnosed. It means push all the options to them and let them have a one-stop shopping.




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